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6 Cute Celebrity Baby and Kids Halloween Costumes 

Just in time for Halloween preparations, we thought we'd round up the best celebrity baby and kids Halloween costumes in case you are short on ideas.  These celebs have dressed their kids as princesses, pirates, pumpkins, and skeletons but in all cases keep it cute, comfortable and enjoyable for their little ones.  


1) Jessica Alba dressed Honor as Princess Jasmine though I can tell you in NYC the bare midrif isn't quite seasonable. Still, this costume complete with the wig and head necklace really looks adorable on any little girl who adores the Disney Princesses, as many celebrity kids do.  And your daughter will have a cute princess dress up outfit to wear all year.  My daughter still asks to wear her snow white dress from over a year ago at least once a week.


2) Christina Aquilera joined son Max one year as matching skeletons, and to complete the look, her little one carried an elmo treat bucket. If you are thinking about the bones look for your little one this Halloween, consider this Voice judge's previous kid/adult costume as inspiration.  If Mommy shows her femur too it's not as scary. We love how Christina matched some black baby converse to the skeleton ensemble.  Not sure if the bones glow in the dark but that would be awesome for trick or treating after dark. 


3) Gwen Stefani's boys made adorable little dinosaurs back in 2010.  It's nice to keep a theme when you have siblings and Kingston and Zuma were such cute roaring buddies that it probably helped the brotherly bond. No one complains at the last minute about wanting to be batman instead of superman, etc.  Gwen went off theme with her Toy Story cowgirl costume, but it seems her boys were thinking about their mom's get up this year when they bought Kingston a cowboy costume. Zuma went for batman.  Last year Gwen went all out as Cinderella.  


4) Ed Burns dressed son Finn as a pirate for trick-or-treating.  Completing this look is a swinging sword.    A pirate is one of those classic, wonderful little boy costumes that's easy to find and fun to accessorize.  Keep the outfit year round for dress up play.  Swordplay for boys is a fun delight, but watch out with the potential weapon accessory if your little one is hyper, especially after all that Halloween candy.  That swashbuckling will lead to some poor kid being smacked in the head or eye.


5) Nicole Richie's little ones Harlow and Sparrow were dressed as a princess and a pumpkin for some Halloween festivities.  We love little pumpkin costumes for infants age 0-12 months.  And a pretty princess for a little girl is such a pretty look and very easy and affordable to create, likely with a dress she already owns and loves. Unless of course you are Suri Cruise, who made headlines a few years back with an alleged $6,000 princess dress.


6) Everyone knows Suri Cruise's love of princesses and Cinderella is a big favorite.  She looked adorable in this Cinderella Disney dress up gown on one of her many trips to Disneyland and your little princess could too.




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