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Jessica Simpson and Baby MaxwellYes, we are a smidge celebrity obsessed but only when it comes to celebrities parenting their babies. We like to see how our favorite artists, actors and trainwrecks take care of their children.  You'll find our round up of what stroller, baby carrier, high chair, bottle, diaper bag your favorite mommy or daddy celebrity is using to raise their little wonder here. 


Feel free to browse through all our features, but if you are looking for something specific, we have grouped our articles by these popular categories:

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Celebrity Baby Features



Will Alanis Morissette Breastfeed ForEver?

Alanis Carries Ever in a BjornWe have much respect for breastfeeding moms and Alanis is no exception.  But she recently stirred up some controversy in the how long to breastfeed debate by announcing she would breastfeed son Ever, now 17 months until he was finished.  Of course that begs the question - when is he going to announce he's done with your boobies?  All we ask is please be done by age 6 - otherwise you will be like that crazy princess queen in Game of Thrones.  It's a bit creepy when your child can fully converse with you while gumming, ahem chewing on you with a full set of chompers.  


Beyonce Loves the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Beyonce with Baby Bjorn Carrier Trumpette SocksBeyonce is yet another celebrity to rock the Baby Bjorn with little Blue Ivy Carter in tow.  The Bjorn is a solid choice for newborns, supporting the head perfectly while being light enough to feel sleek and seamless without losing your new mom style.  You could see baby Blue's cute little Trumpette socks hanging out from the Bjorn. She had been spotted previously wearing adorable Marc Jacobs gold booties.  Little baby Blue will impress us in the years to come with a stunning and fashion forward mom like Beyonce.  



Jessica Alba's New Prada Diaper Bag; What Happened to the Fendi?

Prada Diaper Bag Jessica AlbaAs a mom of two, I bought a new diaper bag the second time around - a nice Petunia PickleBottom, this time in a waterproof fabric instead of silk.  But obviously I am a bit of a bag junkie, so when I saw Jessica Alba had a thing for diaper bags, I had to see what her latest tote was.  A lovely, carry it all, sophisticated Prada.  Black, sporty, elegant without being flashy I think I have bag envy.  For $1100, it could be yours from Neiman Marcus.  

I also saw what Jessica Alba did with her makeshift Fendi bag with first baby Honor and I am all about a double purpose.  Jessica Alba Fendi Diaper BagI still recommend the Gucci Fanny Pack to city moms. Frees up the hands and is the perfect spot for cell phone, a few key makeup items and slim wallet.  


Celebrity Baby Cribs and Nursery Designs - Jessica Alba's Nursery

Ever wonder how celebrities decorate their nurseries?  What cribs, bedding and furniture they choose for their babies?  Some decide to go modern, and some prefer classic styles.  Jessica Alba was a fan of the Nurseryworks Aerial Crib.  If you have $1240 to lay out, no big deal.  But it sure looks lovely in baby Honor's room. 



Gwyneth Paltrow Loved the Jane Powertwin Stroller

Well, according to People magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow adored her Jane Powertwin Double Stroller so much for Apple and Moses, she bought two so she could use it in London and New York.  

If you are a mom looking for a chic and convenient double stroller, this could have been your dream - however, the Powertwin, an innovative stroller from Spain is now discontinued.  

The latest stroller taking Hollywood by storm is the iCandy.  The iCandy Pear is a phenomenal double with over 20 different combinations for twins, or an older child and infant.  The Pear is much pricier than the affordable Powertwin which retailed at $549 last year.  

The luxurious Pear is around $900 but to many celebrity moms well worth the price.

And any stroller than could do a double bassinet configuration is simply ingenious.  We will need to soon compare the iCandy to the Bugaboo Donkey coming out this April.  Stay tuned for more.
ICandy Pear Twin Bassinet Configuration