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Jessica Simpson and Baby MaxwellYes, we are a smidge celebrity obsessed but only when it comes to celebrities parenting their babies. We like to see how our favorite artists, actors and trainwrecks take care of their children.  You'll find our round up of what stroller, baby carrier, high chair, bottle, diaper bag your favorite mommy or daddy celebrity is using to raise their little wonder here. 


Feel free to browse through all our features, but if you are looking for something specific, we have grouped our articles by these popular categories:

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Celebrity Baby Features



Julia Roberts and other Celebrities love the Ergo Baby Carrier

The Ergo baby carrier is on the rise, poised to topple the Baby Bjorn from its throne as the top baby carrier for your little one.  The Ergo is, as its name suggests better for your back from an ergonomic standpoint, and has infant inserts (sold separately) to allow you to carry your baby from as young as 3 weeks.  It is also available in soft organic materials to prevent irritation for your sensitive babe. 


Baby Suri is a fan of Bonpoint

A well heeled Baby Suri stomps around in these adorable Bonpoint metallic mary janes.  Mom Katie Holmes dresses her in the most gorgeous outfits.  I think Suri wins hands down for best dressed tot.  Check out our review of Bonpoint on the Upper East Side Baby Stores page.




Angelina likes the Maclaren

When it comes to pushing her girls around, Angelina opts for the Maclaren twin stroller....I would prefer the Citimini from Baby Jogger personally, but hey... I am guessing she has multiple strollers for multiple occasions.   Zaraha and Shiloh are Maclaren babies.


Who likes the Bugaboo?

Well, not only Upper East Side Moms!  If anyone tried to play a drinking game counting Bugaboos in the 20 block radius between 63rd and 83rd between East End and 5th Avenue, you'd already be nursing your hangover by 65th and 3rd.  Anyway, looks like the celebrity scene is no exception.  I love Amy Poehler and I am happy to see her with this cute navy blue Cameleon. 

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