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When Baby Sleeps Sitting Up...Leave Her Alone

This is my pseudo lame attempt at parenting advice for those poor lost souls who have yet to shoulder the mind warping exhaustion that stems from lost sleep way beyond those first 3 months when society seems to accept it as a new parent's lot in life.  My second daughter was actually a great sleeper, at first.  She would go for 5-6 hour stretches at 3-4 weeks old.  Then when she was around 7 months old we moved across the country.  She quickly turned into a neurotic, clingy up 7-8 times a night sleeper and my desire to sell her on ebay set in.  It took 2 months of sleepless hell to get through the "transition" of the move, and then Emmersen hit a milestone (sitting up from laying down).  She was 9 months old but spent most of that time laying like a lump on her back, rocking in her baby seat or just sitting with a pillow behind her.  She never spent any time on her tummy due to reflux so when she mastered her new trick, she did it with the core strength of a gymnist using a fluid crunch-like motion and folding over which I'm sure will win her a gold medal one day.  We applauded this until she began practicing her new skill in the crib all night.  She didn't know how to lay back down.  Still doesn't.  And so she sits and cries and finally slumps over fully like a bent pretzle to fall asleep.  Her legs are limber so sometimes she is in a full split when this happens.  You can imagine how mortifying it is to view on a baby monitor.  

Here is how I nipped it in the bud.  I just left her alone.  It took 3 nights of screaming for me to realize I just riled her up more by going in every 10-15 minutes, so I let her sit there and slump for 2-3 nights.  Admittedly I was pissed enough and tired of being so unbearabley tired so I didn't feel much guilt about it.  And now she is over it.  Sometimes she'll still wake up and sit up, but she rarely cries now and though she doesn't know how to actively lay back down, once she is slumped she occasionally rolls to her side and flips.   In a few weeks when she starts crawling I'm hoping this becomes a distant memory, until standing sets in...       


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