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9 Month Old Baby Crawls to IPAD

It used to be remote controls parents had to worry about, but now with cell phones and ipads in the mix, why not use your child's favorite non-baby item to encourage motor development. Our daughter just isn't that motivated to crawl to anything else. But put an ipad in her site and she takes off in the fastest crawl I have ever seen. We try to limit our time with the Ipad but I really see no harm in her favorite interactive game of Peekaboo from Infant Arcade. Check out our post on infant apps for the Ipad and Iphone.


Unique Paper Mobiles for Babies

I visited a friend months ago when her little one was just 3 months and I marveled at her very creative inspiration to hand some ikea paper cut-outs on fishing wire over her daughter's changing table.  I only realized the importance of keeping a baby distracted and engaged while being changed later on, when my own daughter began howling like a banshee every time I went to change her nappy.  Well, taking it up about 1000 notches, Portland, Oregan based artist Heather Frazier makes gorgeous creations and will customize her designs for your little one's mobile if you request it.  Her mobiles are all hand made and are so stunning, you needn't limit the use to the nursery.   Once baby is done being fascinated, attach the mobile to a lamp chandelier or other light fixture on the dining room and you have a stunning visual scene.  Heather's mobile's range from $75 - $100 for most styles and you can be assured you are purchasing a work of art.  Buy them on her website Frazier and Wing. 


Onesie Extenders - Extend the Size of Baby's Onesie

In the world of babies where the lifespan of a onesie averages out to be 2 months before you need to buy the next size, these amazing onesie extenders from One Step Ahead are a big cost savings for moms who want to extend the life of a onesie, or whose baby is simply too long for most onesies in their size range.  I think this is an incredible product and if packaged well and made in multiple colors (the basics like pink, light blue, cream, pale yellow) could probably be marketed and sold to high end baby boutiques.  But in the meantime this white 10 pack for $10.95 hits the spot.  These extenders are compatible with Old Navy, Carters and Gap as well as other popular brands.  They are perfect for moms who don't want to snap tight onesies over already bulky diapers which could lead to diaper rash.