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Welcome to NYC Baby Clothing Stores where for your convenience, you will find listings and reviews of all the baby clothing stores in New York City listed by neighborhood. 








Bonpoint - (212) 879-0900 - 810 MADISON AVENUE (67TH & 68TH)

 If you want to shop where celebrities buy their baby clothes, come to Bonpoint.  We are already drooling over their...(view store profile)   




La Layette et Plus Ltd. - (212) 688-7072- 170 E 61ST STREET (3RD & LEX)

This lovely shop will cater to your "ladies who lunch" delight... (view store profile



The Children's Place - 173 E 86th Street - (212) 831-5100 - 173 E 86TH STREET (3RD & LEX)

This is a no brainer. The Children's Place is a great bargain store...(view store profile)  



Bambini - (212) 717-6742 - 1088 MADISON AVENUE (81ST & 82ND)

This Madison Avenue store specializes in European styles from France and Italy but still manages...(view store profile




Catimini - 1125 MADISON AVENUE - (212) 987-0688 (84TH & 85TH)

Catimini is a clothing store for children with a French bohemian flair...(view store profile)



Lester's Childrens Boutique - (212) 734-9292 -1534 2ND AVENUE (79th & 80th)

Lester's is an Upper East Sidestaple where you will find casual...(view store profile)




Hippototamus - (212) 249-6182 - 1163 MADISON AVENUE (86TH ST)

Hippotatamus has three locations in NYC, and sells clothing in playful, fun styles at...(view store profile



Greenstones - (212) 794-0570 - 1410 2ND AVENUE (73rd & 74th) /(212) 427-1665 - 1184 MADISON AVENUE (86th & 87th)

Greenstones locations on the Upper East Side are great for colorful and unique clothing sets, animal patterned...(view store profile



Naturino - (212) 427-0679 - 1184 MADISON AVENUE (86th & 87th) / (212) 794-0570 - 1410 2ND AVENUE (73rd & 74th)

You can expect great service at Naturino, a children's shoe store with Italian styles that houses sizes from newborn to tween...(view store profile)   



Baby Cottons (212) 828-8979 - 1236 MADISON AVENUE (88TH & 89TH)

Baby Cottons has some of the softest onesie pajamas imaginable...  (view store profile)



Small Change - (212) 772-6455 - 1196 LEXINGTON AVENUE (81ST & 82ND)

This children's boutique on Lexington and 81st is small but offers a nice selection of...(view store profile



Mish-Mish - (212) 996-6474 - 1435 LEXINGTON AVENUE (93RD & 94TH)

The Israeli brand Mish Mish carries eclectic baby and childwear with cool treatments and patterns...(view store profile)  




Tutti Bambini - (212) 472-4238 - 1480 1ST AVENUE (77TH)

Located on the corner of 77th and 1st Avenue, Tutti Bambini is a real neighborhood staple offering individual customer service...(view store profile



Prince & Princess - (212) 879-8989 - 41 E 78TH STREET (MADISON & PARK)

Gorgeous silk dresses abound this children's boutique for your Prince or Princess...(view store profile





Magic Windows - (212) 289-0028 - 1186 MADISON AVENUE (87TH STREET)

Just a look into the storefront windows is a testament to this store's namesake...(view store profile)




 Crew Cuts - (212) 348-9803 - 1200 MADISON AVENUE (87TH STREET)

 This J Crew children's store is a warm welcome to the posh boutiques on Madison...(view store profile





Bit'z Kids - (212) 724-1415 410 COLUMBUS AVENUE (79TH AND 80TH) 

This Japanese based clothing fun center aims to please all members of the family, with an area for kiddies...(view store profile


Granny Made - (212) 496-1222 - 467 AMSTERDAM AVENUE  (82ND & 83RD)  

This adorable children's boutique has a wonderful assortment for the newborn, soft cotton layettes...(view store profile)




Roam - (212) 721-0155 - 488 AMSTERDAM AVENUE (84TH STREET)

Sock Monkeys, funky bibs, trumpette socks and fashion forward one-sies abound at this Upper West Side boutique...(view store profile)  


C.P.W. Kids - (212) 579-3737 - 495 AMSTERDAM AVENUE (83RD & 84TH)

This is the children's version of the adult label so head on over to dress your little one in great brands like Joe's jeans and hip cottons...(view store profile)



A Time for Children - (212) 580-8202 - 506 AMSTERDAM AVENUE (85TH STREET)

This wonderful gem of a store has a kind, giving heart.  100% of profit is donated to The Children's Aid Society...(view store profile)  


Karin Alexis(212) 665-1565‎ - Broadway (97TH STREET)

This original children's clothing boutique is a hit with local Upper West Siders and for good reason, the designs are unique, hip and totally wearable...(view store profile)  



Z'Baby - (212) 579-BABY - 100 WEST 72ND STREET (COLUMBUS AVENUE)

With both East and West Side locations, Z'Baby is a good neighborhood staple on both sides of the Park with trendy styles for boys and girls and with a wonderful assortment for newborns...(view store profile)  









Spring Flowers - (212) 207-4606- 538 MADISON AVENUE (55TH STREET)

No shortage of beautiful dresses for formal occasions at this midtown boutique with other locations further up Madison on 72nd and 62nd and Third, the Upper East Side set can dress their little ladies accordingly...(view store profile)  _________________________________________________________________


Daffy's - (212) 557-4422 - 335 MADISON AVENUE (BETWEEN 43RD AND 44TH STREET)

This Midtown East location of Daffy's is cramped and crowded, but if you are looking for 50% off beautiful Italian baby clothes, you should pop in and take a look.  Granted, it's hit or miss, but...(view store profile)   










Babesta (Threads)- (212) 608-4522 - 66 WEST BROADWAY (WARREN ST)

This hip children's boutique has it all for cool babes and their modern parents - toys, clothes, books and accessories can be found at this Tribeca shop...(view store profile  


Soho Baby (212) 625-8538 - 251 ELIZABETH STREET (PRINCE)

This small but cute store has baby clothes, hooded towels, little plushies and plush horse rockers.  They also get a nice assortment of knitted hats for winter...(view store profile


Estella - (212) 255-3553 - 493 SIXTH AVENUE, (BTW 12TH & 13TH STREET)

Estella has really grown from small, unknown but high fashion baby boutique to a staple for designers, celebs, and hip moms in the know...(view store profile


Trust Fund Baby - (212) 219-3600 - 239 ELIZABETH STREET (BTW HOUSTON AND PRINCE)

With a name like Trust Fund Baby, it's no wonder that this little shop appeals to the NYC set, but the clothing for babes inside is actually reasonably priced and the selections are original...(view store profile)   


Bundle - (212) 982-9465 - 128 THOMPSON STREET

Bundle is an amazing boutique with a selection of super hip clothes, accessories and gifts for your little one.  We love that their inventory changes frequently and there is always a fresh assortment of delights...(view store profile


Lucky Wang - (212) 229-2900 - 82 SEVENTH AVENUE (15TH ST) / 799 BROADWAY (11TH ST)

Their Kimono onesies are seriously out of this world and it goes without saying how easy a kimono is to put on a baby (no red face from t-shirts getting stuck over anyone's noggin)...(view store profile


Torly Kid - (212) 406-7440 - 51 HUDSON STREET (BTW. DUANE & THOMAS)

Formerly Babelicious, this Tribeca shop has now expanded its range to go all the way through tweens.  Hip Manhattan mom Carol Adams has renamed the store after her two daughters Tori and Carly who are getting older now and will soon benefit from the new assortment...(view store profile)    


Children's Place - (212) 529-2201 - 36 EAST 16TH STREET (UNION SQUARE) / 142 DELANCEY STREET

This is a no brainer. The Children's Place is a great bargain store with very cute and relevant styles for your baby and growing child. Check out their regular sales for even greater savings...(view store profile)


Firefly Children's Boutique - (646) 416-6560 - 224 FRONT STREET (BEEKMAN)

This wonderful boutique has a fabulous assortment of brands (LOVE the Lizzy Loo Onesies) really cute Jelly Cat plushies, and accessories and was awarded Nick's Parent's Picks Awards for best kids clothing store in 2009 for good reason...(view store profile



Pink Olive - (212) 780-0036 - 439 EAST 9TH STREET (BTW 1ST AND AVE A)

This very sweet and unique boutique is the Manhattan off-shoot of the original Park Slope store and is a wonderful place to buy higher end soft and luxurious goodies as gifts or for your own little one...(view store profile


Pumpkin - (212) 352-0109 - 334 BLEEKER STREET (BTW CHRISTOPHER & W10TH)

This Bleeker Street baby store is a welcome addition to the West Village.  Stocked full of cool products, toys and accessories, Pumpkin prides itself on their nontraditional selection...(view store profile)    



Bu & The Duck - (212) 431-9226 - 106 FRANKLIN STREET (BTW W BROADWAY & CHURCH)

This irresistable Tribeca shop is a step back into innocence, simplicity and stunning 1930s inspired children's clothes and toys.  The maryjane shoes are a delight with stunning colors...(view store profile)   


Le Petits Chapelais - (212) 625-1023‎ - 86 THOMPSON STREET (BTW SPRING and PRINCE)

This French children's clothing store is a favorite among the fashion and celebrity set.  A business run by two sisters, the clothes are designed in France and are adorable yet practical...(view store profile)  


Yoya - (646) 336-6844 - 636 HUDSON STREET (HORATIO STREET)

This West Village boutique has Netto crib furniture and an assortment of cute and hip baby accessories.  Pretty little dresses and basics can be found, along with cloth dolls, books and other little knick knacks...(view store profile)  


Cremebebé - 68 2ND AVENUE(BTW 3RD and 4TH STREET)


 Barbara Michelus has a wonderful vision for her baby boutique and that downtown edge permeates the selection Cremebebé carries.  We adore their cool, hip onesies...(view store profile)  ___________________________________________________________________