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Little Babe's Big City Features

Check out our feature articles for parents in-the-know at Little Babe Big City Features.  We highlight the most stylish dresses for a 1 year old, outrageously cool graffiti onesies, the Baby Food Diet, baby advice and much more.  

Welcome to our New York City Baby Guide, the hip savvy baby resource for New York City parents with reviews and listings of all neighborhood baby stores, local pediatricians, reviews of baby stroller and kid friendly restaurants in Manhattan and  our Little Babe's Big Bad New York City Choice Awards for the Hippest NYC Baby Stores and Services.  



Central Park Carousel - Best of NYC Activities with KidsLooking for more to do with your family?  We are compiling our reviews of the Top 30 Cool Things to Do with your Kids This Summer so check in with us if you are out of ideas.  And join our Hip Parent's Club if you want to receive our weekly picks for the weekend, local deals and new and noteworthy boutiques, kids classes and events straight to your inbox.  We organize by neighborhood and age grade so you know what's appropriate and convenient for your brood. 



Looking for the cutest and coolest baby clothes for your soon to be bundle of joy, or toddler? Do you need to buy the most unique outfit for your fashionista friend's little baby?  We've got you covered with our reviews of NYC Baby Clothing Stores.  And then Check out our Neighborhood Guide to Baby Stores in all of Manhattan.  We break it down by hood' and category for you.  And of course, we have the Brooklyn hipsters covered with our reviews of all the Baby Stores in Brooklyn, NY.  



We also have the most stylish and sophisticated Maternity Stores for NYC Moms who want to feel like their normal, sleek selves for as long as possible throughout their pregnancies without resorting to tents and granny panties. 



Whether it's wood blocks with Hebrew, Russian, French, or English lettering, Ugly Dolls, Elmo, handmade puppets, custom doll-houses, collector train sets, or just a bouncy ball, we review New York City's Toy Stores and break them down for you.   



Are you dreaming of toile and gingham for your nursery?  Or a totally modern sleek look with funky wall decals and lighting.  Either way, you can explore all of New York City's coolest furniture stores to deck your baby's nursery, or alcove.  We review Baby Furniture Stores by Neighborhood




Think dining out is over now that you have a little one?  It's not always easy taking your infant or restless toddler to a nice restaurant.  But most urban parents love to dine out and eat well so we have done the research for you.  We review NYC Baby Stroller and Kid Friendly Restaurants by neighborhood so you can walk your stroller to the nearest most convenient place to eat and feel comfortable knowing no one will scowl disapprovingly at your tots.  



From infant classes, early child learning sessions, parenting groups, music classes, mommy and me events, swim lessons, to simply what to do with baby on a weekend we have scoured through the very best baby classes in NYC and broke them out by what's offered in your neighborhood in our NYC Guide to Infant and Kids Classes. 




Understandably, one of the most important decision a new parent makes, prior to baby's arrival is finding a trustworthy pediatrician.   We review the Top Pediatric Practices in Manhattan by neighborhood helping you make the most informed decision early on.




Looking for a nanny?  Many moms use word-of-mouth recommendations but we have pulled together some of the Best Nanny Placement Agencies in NYC.  And when your little one is ready for daycare, or if you are looking for an Infant Daycare Program in NYC we have a list of Every Licensed Daycare Facility in NYC for you to contact.  If you are thinking about getting a baby nurse, check out our Baby Nurse Guide for a personalized account of Do's and Dont's. 



The best source of information, recommendations, and advice on raising your baby or child in NYC are other Big Apple Parents.  So feel free to use our NYC Message Boards to connect with other moms local to your neighborhood.   Maybe you will even make a new friend to add to your playgroup. 






NYC Public Library Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers - Story Time and Children's Movies

NY Public LibraryA great way to beat the scorching summer heat is to visit your local library branch. Almost each neighborhood library runs some solid programs for children and for those toddlers and kids not yet in nursery school, mid-morning story hour is a great, free activity.  Below are several library branches that offer free Story Time and Kids Movies so be sure to visit and pick up a calendar.  Times are subject to change. The New York Public Library system has a great site with event schedules for all branches.

Upper East Side Libraries with Children's Story Time Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers


Yorkville Library - (212) 744-5824 - 222 East 79th Street (between Second & Third Aves.), New York, NY 10021-1295

This Upper East Side library on 79th hosts weekly Preschool Story Hour, (very popular) Reading to Cody (where kids can read out loud to a therapy dog), and Children's Films (For Ages 3-5 where they can watch their favorite Picture Books come alive on screen)


96th Street Library - (212) 289-0908 - 112 East 96th Street (near Lexington Ave.), New York, NY 10128-2597

This Uptown branch has weekly Films for Families that are interesting for kids and for parents or caregivers.  


Webster Library - 1465 York Avenue (near E. 78th St.), New York, NY 10021-8895 (212) 288-5049 

 The Webster Library holds Toddler Story Time (this highly popular program has multiple start times and has moms and nannies lining up around the block so get there early to get in line, Reading Aloud (for Kids 3-5)


Upper West Side Libraries with Children's Story Time Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers


St. Agnes Library - (212) 621-0619 - 444 Amsterdam Avenue (near @. 81st St.), New York, NY 10024-5506

This Upper West Side location holds Toddler Playtime, a small playgroup where toddlers could play with age appropriate toys and socialize with other kids in their neighborhood.  They also have Preschool Time Read to Me Club which involved pre-registering.


Riverside Library - (212) 870-1810  - 127 Amsterdam Avenue (at W. 65th St.), New York, NY 10023-6447

This Riverside library has a Lunchtime Play! program where infants up through 18 months and 3-5 year olds could play in the community room with the library’s toys, a great option for a free indoor play space that’s air conditioned in summer and warm in winter and of course dry on a rainy day. 


Midtown NYC Libraries with Children's Story Time Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers


Grand Central Library - (212) 621-0670 - 135 East 46th Street (between Lexington & Third Aves.), New York, NY 10017

This Midtown branch has a weekly Picture Book Read Aloud for kids 3-11.


Kips Bay Library - (212) 683-2520 - 446 Third Avenue (at E. 31st St.), New York, NY 10016-6025

This family friendly branch near Murray Hill has a Baby Lapsit program where moms and caregivers could meet other babies for some lively songs and rhymes from birth to 18 months. Rhyme Time is for Kids 3-5 where they can listen to stories and rhyme and sing and play with musical instruments).


Downtown NYC Libraries with Children's Story Time Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers


Jefferson Market Library - (212) 243-4334 - 425 Avenue of the Americas (at 10th St.), New York, NY 10011-8454

This Downtown NYC library has a number of great story hours for kids including Toddler Time, Arts & Crafts, Preschool Time, and Read to a Therapy Dog.


Ottendorfer Library - (212) 674-0947 - 135 Second Avenue (near E. 8th St. - St. Marks Place), New York, NY 10003-8304

The Ottendorfer Library near St. Marks has a great Baby Story Time hour for infants up through 18 months.  





Kid Friendly Nail Salons and Spas in NYC (Manhattan)

If you have a girly girl on your hands, it may just be a matter of time before she starts admiring your nail polish and asking for her own manicures and pedicures.  And while make-up on a 7 year old, or 3 year old for that matter is frightening, a bit of pink on the fingernails can be pretty and fun.  You don’t have to go far to find moms and their mini-me-s getting their nails done, many at their local neighborhood salons.  But we don’t think it’s that fair to the manicurist who wasn’t trained to deal with a fidgety 4 year old, or other customers who have come to relax - many away from their own kids and now have to deal with yours chatting away or being constantly reminded to sit “very very still”.  For this reason, we have come up with a kid focused nail salons and spas for parents who want to give their children the pampering they crave while respecting the relaxation rights of others.  


Kid Manicures NYC - Cozy CutsCozy Cuts with 3 locations on both the Upper East Side and Upper West Side is a great option for both that first haircut and that first manicure, complete with nail art. You could also throw a birthday bash for your daughter’s closest friends, complete with hair and makeup.  Cozy Cuts is located on 448 Amsterdam Avenue (81st Street) - (212) 579-2600, 1125 Madison Avenue (between 84th and 85th street) - (212) 744-1716 and 1416 Second Avenue (near 74th Street) (212) 585-2699.


Sharky’s Cuts for Kids (1359 Second Avenue - at 72nd Street) (646) 559-2150 - offers a free manicure with each haircut andSharky's Cuts Toddler Manicures  specializes in Glamour Girl parties complete with minicures and makeup.  There are also dress-up clothes on hand to finish off the experience.  


For the older girl, think tween - adult nail salons like Dashing Diva have hosted birthday parties for kids where all the invitees get a mani/pedi, snacks and then are ready to hit the town.  The salon would be closed during this time to other patrons, so price will reflect this loss of adult business.  Dashing Diva has 3 locations in Manhattan; 41 East 8th Street (212) 375-1350, 149 3rd Avenue, Between 15th & 16th Street (212) 228-9999; and 1341 Second Avenue (212) 570-0770.


Best NYC Restaurants for Double Strollers

This is my latest obsession - where can I eat while my kids nap in their double stroller that has wide enough spacing between tables, a friendly staff and good food.  During warm weather there are a ton of outdoor options, but even then if you have a double stroller with you, it's almost equivalent to bringing a small electric car and expecting to park it on the sidewalk by your table.  My "Go To" spot on the Upper East Side is "Go Burger".  I can roll right in there with my City Mini Select Double and no one gives a look, other than to welcome me and my sleeping brood.  The menu is fabulous, and goes beyond burgers.  The seared tuna sandwich with bacon is amazing, fries tasty, and don't forget the fried pickles.  There's room for both outdoor or indoor seating.  The aisles are wide and there are plenty of corners along the back to keep the stroller open next to a side table.  We'll definitely be doing a big write up on best restaurants in all of NYC for doubles but in the meantime, on the Upper East Side, you know you can hit Go Burger whenever you like.  All they need is a changing table in the restroom...I'll be making the request for sure.  


NYC - Kid Friendly Upper East Side Pharmacy

Cherry's Pharmacy - Kid Friendly NYCLiving in a major metropolis with little kids can sometimes be daunting, but you could be certain that one local pharmacy is doing its best to make Upper East Side children and their parents feel safe and well cared for. Cherry's Pharmacy on 66th Street specializes in children's remedies.  Whether you need your little one's medicine flavored or some gripes water for colic, Cherry's is sure to please.  Complete with a Thomas train set in the play area, your kids could be pleasantly distracted from their ailments long enough to get the real medicine they need.

Cherry's Pharmacy

207 East 66th Street, New York, NY 10065

(212) 717-7797 


Homemade Baby Food Delivery in Manhattan, NYC

In competitive NYC, even buying Earth's Best or other organic baby food isn't good enough.  The best food you can feed your baby is homemade, fresh organic baby food, but with most NYC moms working and exhausted on the weekends, it was only a matter of time until a homemade baby food delivery service would emerge to fill the gap.  Gustorganics first gained notoriety among Manhattan moms for serving up delicious pureed baby food as part of its grown up restaurant menu so your solid food eater could join Mom and Dad at the table.  Quickly realizing the opportunity and popularity of their restaurant menu items, Gustorganics began offering a baby food delivery program for residents of Manhattan below 23rd street.  Which isn't to say that Uptown moms can't get into a taxi or towncar, or better yet get their assistants to pick up the week's supply.   The service delivers one fresh 10 oz entree and one fresh 10 oz dessert each day for either 4 or 7 days.  The cost of the service is $99 for 7 days and $59 for 4 days plus an 18% gratuity.  Homemade baby food delivery services have popped up across the country in Chicago and Los Angeles.  They do offer a great option to parents who can shell out the cash and want their baby to eat as healthy as possible and don't have the time or desire to steam and blend fresh veggies and fruits in their limited spare time while baby naps.  


Hippest Baby Stores and Services in NYC

Crembebé "I AM" CollectionThe results are in!  After scouring the baby boutiques, infant classes, maternity stores, stroller friendly restaurants and pediatricians in the big apple, we have compiled a list of the best baby stores and services in NYC.  Or as we put it, the hippest, coolest baby stores and services this island of Manhattan has to offer.  Curious to see if your favorite baby clothing store made our cut for the Hippest Baby Clothing stores in NYC?  The baby clothing store category was tough and we had 3 very close runner ups.  We awarded our Spinning Crown of Coolness to Crembebé on the Lower East Side, for their epitome of "downtown edge".  Check out all of our winners in your favorite category here.


Software for Baby - Ipad and Iphone Apps for infants

I recently got my husband an I-pad for Father's Day and we immediately began the hunt for cool apps to download to pimp out our new apple toy, or as I like to refer to it (Penny's Computer - from Inspector Gadget for anyone who remembers).  Because we are such hipsters (ha) it wasn't long before we started searching for Ipad apps for kids, in our case baby and infant development.  I believe the same apps are available for the Iphone, but I thought I'd share the cool baby software we found and downloaded for free (the lite version) and one we bought for $1.99.  Infant Arcade's Alphabet Creatures and Peek-A-Boo delighted our 8 month old daughter.  She loved the animation and music right away and very quickly began to touch the screen and interact with the moving bees, bugs and cows.  She became so excited that she literally started shaking and grunting like a little cave woman and smacking the i-pad.  There are fans and haters on both sides of the baby software platform debate.  Critics argue that exposing a baby to electronic stimuli so early can make them overly dependent on computer and electronic technology, or that parents should spend the time and show babies how to interact with the basic household items and toys - an electronic babysitter is no substitute.  My take on this is it depends on how you are using the software.  For our daughter, we show her how to touch moving animals on the screen and spend quality time and laughter delighting in her excitement at making a selection that creates a response.


Still Hip Brooklyn - A Lovely Destination Baby Boutique

 Still Hip - (718) 398-0008 - 283 GRAND AVENUE (CLINTON HILL)

This unique Brooklyn children's boutique is stocked with high end baby, toddler and maternity clothes with one little twist - the items are gently used.  With fantastic brands like Oink Baby, Zutano, Cakewalk, Mini Boden, Petit Bateau, Oilily, Pea in the Pod, Pumpkin Maternity, to name a few, you will be sure to find adorable clothes for your little one, and stylish maternity wear for yourself.  The best part is you can bring your existing gently used baby gear in for a store credit to go towards  the next size clothing you might need for your ever growing tot.  Still Hip also hosts classes, including the much loved Music for Aardvarks and open baby groups for parents to get together with their little ones for some interaction and free play.  This is a truly wonderful center for Brooklyn Little Babes.  Check out their website for a schedule of upcoming baby classes and events at www.stillhipbrooklyn.com



Baby Massage Classes - NYC

All human beings love to be touched and caressed and babies are no exception.  Most pediatricians and sleep gurus recommend a daily massage for your little one to help unwind and relax from a long stimulating day of learning.  Baby Massage helps promote strong bonding between a baby and its caregiver and also helps aid in digestion and constipation.  Wee Massage in NYC holds four week sessions in locations all over the city, currently they are offering classes at the Prenatal Yoga Center on the Upper West Side (251 WEST 72ND STREET).  You can contact the center directly for more information about the classes at (212) 362-2985.


Baby Swimming Lessons - When Can Baby Start Swimming Classes?

Your little one can start to take baby swim lessons from six months and up, with you holding baby in the pool and getting them comfortable and familiar with being in a large body of water.  Real swimming lessons don't commence until your child is around 3-4 years old and able to take instruction in the water.  Still, it doesn't hurt to introduce your baby to a swimming pool and a new experience.  We have heard of Infant Swimming Resource which is an instructor based course which trains babies as young as 6 months to potentially survive in a body of water.  This technique has very mixed reviews.  Babies under a certain age are literally trained to "self-rescue" if dropped into a pool and float and cry until help comes.  Classes are offered at nationwide locations.   It's a little creepy to see a little baby keeping its head above water in a self-preservation float.  But fans of the program want to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  What are your thoughts on ISR?