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Little Babe's Big City Features

Check out our feature articles for parents in-the-know at Little Babe Big City Features.  We highlight the most stylish dresses for a 1 year old, outrageously cool graffiti onesies, the Baby Food Diet, baby advice and much more.  

Welcome to our New York City Baby Guide, the hip savvy baby resource for New York City parents with reviews and listings of all neighborhood baby stores, local pediatricians, reviews of baby stroller and kid friendly restaurants in Manhattan and  our Little Babe's Big Bad New York City Choice Awards for the Hippest NYC Baby Stores and Services.  



Central Park Carousel - Best of NYC Activities with KidsLooking for more to do with your family?  We are compiling our reviews of the Top 30 Cool Things to Do with your Kids This Summer so check in with us if you are out of ideas.  And join our Hip Parent's Club if you want to receive our weekly picks for the weekend, local deals and new and noteworthy boutiques, kids classes and events straight to your inbox.  We organize by neighborhood and age grade so you know what's appropriate and convenient for your brood. 



Looking for the cutest and coolest baby clothes for your soon to be bundle of joy, or toddler? Do you need to buy the most unique outfit for your fashionista friend's little baby?  We've got you covered with our reviews of NYC Baby Clothing Stores.  And then Check out our Neighborhood Guide to Baby Stores in all of Manhattan.  We break it down by hood' and category for you.  And of course, we have the Brooklyn hipsters covered with our reviews of all the Baby Stores in Brooklyn, NY.  



We also have the most stylish and sophisticated Maternity Stores for NYC Moms who want to feel like their normal, sleek selves for as long as possible throughout their pregnancies without resorting to tents and granny panties. 



Whether it's wood blocks with Hebrew, Russian, French, or English lettering, Ugly Dolls, Elmo, handmade puppets, custom doll-houses, collector train sets, or just a bouncy ball, we review New York City's Toy Stores and break them down for you.   



Are you dreaming of toile and gingham for your nursery?  Or a totally modern sleek look with funky wall decals and lighting.  Either way, you can explore all of New York City's coolest furniture stores to deck your baby's nursery, or alcove.  We review Baby Furniture Stores by Neighborhood




Think dining out is over now that you have a little one?  It's not always easy taking your infant or restless toddler to a nice restaurant.  But most urban parents love to dine out and eat well so we have done the research for you.  We review NYC Baby Stroller and Kid Friendly Restaurants by neighborhood so you can walk your stroller to the nearest most convenient place to eat and feel comfortable knowing no one will scowl disapprovingly at your tots.  



From infant classes, early child learning sessions, parenting groups, music classes, mommy and me events, swim lessons, to simply what to do with baby on a weekend we have scoured through the very best baby classes in NYC and broke them out by what's offered in your neighborhood in our NYC Guide to Infant and Kids Classes. 




Understandably, one of the most important decision a new parent makes, prior to baby's arrival is finding a trustworthy pediatrician.   We review the Top Pediatric Practices in Manhattan by neighborhood helping you make the most informed decision early on.




Looking for a nanny?  Many moms use word-of-mouth recommendations but we have pulled together some of the Best Nanny Placement Agencies in NYC.  And when your little one is ready for daycare, or if you are looking for an Infant Daycare Program in NYC we have a list of Every Licensed Daycare Facility in NYC for you to contact.  If you are thinking about getting a baby nurse, check out our Baby Nurse Guide for a personalized account of Do's and Dont's. 



The best source of information, recommendations, and advice on raising your baby or child in NYC are other Big Apple Parents.  So feel free to use our NYC Message Boards to connect with other moms local to your neighborhood.   Maybe you will even make a new friend to add to your playgroup. 






NYC Swimming Classes for Babies

As the summer season comes upon us, those of us with little ones in our lives may be wondering at what point to introduce a baby to the water.  Whether you love the beach or prefer the pool, your baby's first experience with water is important and helps set up a summer of enjoyment and fun.  The Imagine School of Swimming holds classes all throughout NYC - whether you live in Tribeca, Grammercy, Lower East Side, Chelsea or Upper East Side there is a local pool where your starfish (age 6 months - 3 years) can experience the water with you at his or her side along with a trained instructer.   Lessons are 40 minutes long and are $40 per class.  Not all locations have Saturday classes (a nice way for dad to spend time with the baby and give mom a break to herself, or vice versa). Visit Imagine's website for more specific information and to register.  Summer sessions are 6 weeks.  www.imagineswimming.com


The Ultimate Baby Friendly NYC Restaurant

As we work feverishly to review all of the NYC restaurants that are baby and stroller friendly, there are those we stumble across that take baby friendly to new heights.  Gusto Organics on 6th Avenue between 13th and 14th not only offers scrumptiously healthy food for adults but actually has a baby food menu.  Yes - warm, freshly made, organic and delicious baby food.  The baby menu is available from 8am - 5pm and serves up zucchini, carrot and potato pureé, baked squash, beef tenderloin and chicken (pureéd or chopped to your specs).  Baby desserts include apple compote, mango, carrot and apple pureé.  Gusto is fast becoming a hit with downtown moms and their little babes. 


Beach Clubs in Long Island

If you want to enjoy the beach with your little one and especially if you have more than one, a beach club summer membership is way more affordable than a house in the hamptons or fire island.  Lido Beach and Long Beach have several options for clubs, where families can rent a cabana for the summer and enjoy lunch at the beach restaurant.  There are cabana boys (not hot Latin men - more like just recovering from acne teenage boys) who will help with your belongings, get you set up on the beach with chairs and umbrellas and serve you refreshments.  Not bad!  Especially if you are a stay at home mom and would like to take your kids to the beach during the week.  It becomes a much more manageable experience when you have some assistance. 


A cabana facing the beach at the New Plaza Beach Resort at Lido Beach is $7100 but sandside is $5100 and there is a mini sandside option at $3100.  There are also a number of beach clubs along Atlantic Beach in Long Island where you can get similar pricing and amenities.


These include Lawrence Beach Club, Sunny Atlantic Beach Club, The Sands, Catalina Beach Club, Silver Point Beach Club and Sun and Surf Beach Club.  Tha Catalina Beach Club has a great pool and old summer club vibe and has been featured in photos of old style NY beach clubs and films, including the Godfather. 


In Case We NYC Moms Ever Feel Guilty Putting Ourselves First

Laura Bennet's book "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday, A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos" was released last month and this NYC mom, best known for her designer fashion skills on Bravo's Project Runway in Season 3 has opined on lacking the "overprotective mother gene".  Bennet has not one, but six kids, and her approach to parenting is self described as "laissez-faire" and amusing, and likely necessary when you have so many in your brood.  This book is an easy read, and definitely puts your ME ME ME guilt into perspective.  Available on Amazon.com for around $16.00, or via kindle for $9.99.


Funky Rug/Play Mat Doesn't Cramp Your Style

This is our new favorite baby item.  If you live in an apartment with wood floors, or a not-so-baby friendly rug, you find yourself at a crossroads once your little one starts to spend more time on the floor.  With limited ABC and 123 rainbow playmats to choose from, we are happy stylish Skip Hop decided that parents need not foresake personal style for romper room decor.  These neutral green and brown interlocking foam tiles are perfect for baby to roll around on and match most modern furniture styles.  Unfortunately, if you have a dog with clickety claws, you will most definitely get dents in the foam, but it's better than nothing.  This mat easily wipes down with a wet cloth and can be vacumed as well.  A bit pricier than most playmats at $79.00, think of it as a pseudo rug that works for both you and babe. 



For all new moms and dads who are looking to lose those remaining post baby pounds, get out and get some fresh air with baby and push that stroller!  Strollercize, the original fitness program started by Elizabeth Trindade and recently featured on Regis and Kathy Lee has classes that meet three times a week at multiple locations throughout NYC.  On the Upper East Side, class members meet at the Giggle on 74th and Lexington for some mommy shopping time.  Then head over to Central Park to work those glutes and quads.  There's also a class that meets at Carl Schurz park.  This is a great opportunity to get into shape, meet some moms and give baby some fresh air.  You can sign up for classes and view the current schedule at www.strollercize.com


Great for Teething Babes

I just used this Munchkin feeder for my daughter and gave her a taste of delicious cold cut up melon which she immediately rubbed against her inflamed bottom gums.  This netted feeder is great for giving baby solid fruits and veggies without worrying about choking.  My little girl basically sucks on this but it entertains her for a good 15 minutes and makes her feel like a big girl.  You can get it at $5.99 at Babies R Us.


How to take the Subway in NYC with Baby (plus a listing of Elevator Accessible Subway Stops in Manhattan

Brave New York City moms aren't afraid of hopping on the subway, it's the fastest way to get around.  But with a little one, it can seem daunting.  Between the stairs, the crowds, the dank stale air, taking the train is often a last resort with a baby.  The best recommendation for taking a baby on the subway is to use a baby carrier or sling.  That keeps you mobile and agile, and makes traveling downtown to see your friends for brunch entirely manageable, depending on the temperment of your little one.

But, if you have to travel into Long Island, Westchester, or Jersey via LIRR or NJ Transit, or Grand Central with your stroller and weekend gear...and you don't feel like hopping into a cab afterwards, then you may want to scope out all the stations with elevators/escalators so you can be prepared to get around. 

The below list is available on the MTA's website and lists elevator stops in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

New York City Transit


NB - Northbound
SB - Southbound
EB - Eastbound
WB - Westbound

14 St A, C, E, L

Elevator at northwest corner of 14th Street and Eighth Avenue. Note: Ramp near elevator to L platform is not ADA accessible, use elevator.
Bus connections: M14, M20 (NB)

14 St-Union Square L, N, Q, R, W only, 4,5,6 are not accessible:
Elevator at northeast corner of 14th Street and Park Avenue South (Union Square East).
Bus connections: M1, M2 (NB), M3 (NB), M6 (SB), M9, M14

34 St-Herald Square B,D,F,N,Q,R,V,W
Elevator at Herald Center building on west side of Broadway south of 34th Street. Note: Ramps are not ADA accessible, use elevators.
Connections: M4, M5 (NB), M6 (NB), M7 (NB), M16, M34, Q32; AMTRAK, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit

34 St-Penn Station 1,2,3 Elevator on south side of 34th Street west of Seventh Avenue at LIRR entrance.
Connections: M4, M6 (SB), M7 (SB), M10 (SB), M16, M20 (SB), M34, Q32; AMTRAK, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit

34 St-Penn Station A,C,E
Elevator at southeast corner of 34th Street and Eighth Avenue to uptown local C,E platform level. For other service, after paying fare use elevator # 226 to mezzanine level and take elevator # 227 for uptown and downtown A service or elevator # 228 for downtown C, E service.
Connections: M10 (NB), M16, M20 (NB), M34; AMTRAK, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit

42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal A,C,E
Elevator inside north wing of bus terminal (Eighth Avenue between 41st Street and 42nd Street) near airport bus ticket office. Note: Passageway to Times-Sq-42 St subway station is not accessible.
Bus connections: M10 (NB), M16, M20 (NB), M27, M42, M104 (NB), Port Authority Bus Terminal

47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr B,D,F,V
Elevator at the northwest corner of 6th Avenue and 49 Street.
Bus connections: M5 (NB), M6 (NB), M7 (NB), M27, M50

49 St N,R,W (accessible northbound only)
Elevator at northeast corner of 49th Street and Seventh Avenue. Elevator operates automatically between 6 AM and 1 AM Push button to right of elevator for access at other times.
Bus connections: M6, M7, M10 (SB), M20 (SB), M27, M50, M104 (SB)

50 St C,E (accessible southbound only); (A also serves station between 11 PM and 5:30 AM)
Elevator on north side of 49th Street west of Eighth Avenue.
Bus connections: M10 (NB), M20 (NB), M27 (EB), M50, M104 (NB)

51 St 6 (4 also serves station between 12:30 AM and 5 AM)
Elevator at northeast corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Note: Passageway to Lexington Av-53 St subway station is accessible.
Bus connections: M27, M50, M98 (SB, weekdays only), M101 (SB), M102 (SB), M103 (SB)

59 St-Columbus Circle A,B,C,D, 1( 2 also serves station between 12:30 AM and 5:30 AM)
Elevator on northwest corner of Columbus Circle and Central Park West AND on southwest corner of 8th Avenue and Columbus Circle. Use Central Park West elevator for easiest A,B,C,D uptown service, take elevator #280 at northwest corner of Columbus Circle and Central Park West to mezzanine level, then take elevator #279 to platform level. For A,B,C,D downtown/Brooklyn bound service, take elevator #P33 at southwest corner of 8th Av and Columbus Circle to mezzanine level, then take elevator #278 to platform level. For 1 uptown service, take elevator #280 to mezzanine level. For 1 downtown service take elevator #P33 to mezzanine level then take elevator #277 up to platform level. Note: Both street elevators (#280 and #P33) can be used to access train lines.  Bus connections: M5, M7, M10, M20, M104

66 St- Lincoln Center 1 (2 also serves station between 12:30 AM and 5:30 AM)
Elevators on southwest corner of 66th Street and Broadway (downtown) and southeast corner of 66th Street and Broadway (uptown).
Bus connections: M5, M7, M11 (SB), M66, M104

72 St 1,2,3
Elevators inside station house on north side of 72nd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.
Bus connections: M5, M7 (NB), M11 (NB), M57, M72, M104

125 St 4,5,6
Elevator at northeast corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue.
Connections: M35, M60, M100, M101, M103, Bx15, M98 (weekdays only; SB along Park Avenue; NB along Third Avenue), Metro-North Railroad

125 St A,B,C,D
Elevator on southwest corner of 125 Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue.
Bus connections: M3, M10, M18, M60, M100, M101, Bx15

135 St 2,3
Elevator for northbound service at northeast corner of 135 Street and Lenox Avenue; elevator for southbound service at southwest corner.
Bus connections: M7, M102, Bx33

168 St A,C only, 1 is not accessible
Elevator at southeast corner of 168 Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.
Bus connections: M2, M3, M5, M18, M100, Bx7

175 St A
Elevator at northeast corner of 177th Street and Fort Washington Avenue.
Bus connections: M4, M5, M98 (weekdays only), M100, Bx3, Bx7, Bx11, Bx13, Bx35, Bx36; Port Authority George Washington Bridge Bus Station
( Note: The George Washington Bridge Bus Station is completely non-accessible. Call New Jersey Transit at 800-772-2222 for further information and lift-equipped bus reservations.)

Bowling Green 4,5
Elevator at northeast corner of Broadway and Battery Place.
Connections: M1, M6, M9, X1, X3, X4, X8, X10, X11, X12, X13, X15, X16, X17, X18, X19, X20, X27, X28, X29, Station Island Ferry (four blocks south)

Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall 4,5,6
Elevator east of City Hall near Chambers Street and Centre Street.
Bus connections: M1 (SB, weekdays only), M6 (SB), M15 (weekdays only), M22, M103, B51 (weekdays only)

Canal St 6 (4 also serves station between 1 AM and 5 AM)
Uptown: Elevators at northeast corner (for northbound service) and northwest corner (for southbound service) of Canal Street and Lafayette Street. Note: There is no station booth on the downtown platform. Passageway to other routes not accessible.
Bus connections: M1 (weekdays only), B51 (SB, weekdays only)

Chambers St 1,2,3
Elevator at northwest corner of Hudson and Chambers Streets.
Bus connections: M6 (NB - one block east at Church St), M20 (SB), M22

Grand Central-42 St 4,5,6,7
Elevator to mezzanine inside main entrance, immediately to right of Grand Central Terminal (East 42nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue). For 4,5,6 turn left after paying fare. At wall, elevator to downtown platform is to the left; elevator to uptown platform is to the right. For 7, go diagonally across mezzanine after paying fare to elevator # 224 (adjacent to exit for Chanin Building) for uptown and downtown 7 platform.
Connections: M42, M98 (SB, weekdays only), M101 (SB), M102 (SB), M103 (SB), M104, Metro-North Railroad

Inwood-207 St A
Elevator at southwest corner of Broadway and 207th Street.
Bus connections: M100, Bx7, Bx12, Bx12 SelectBusService, Bx20
Note: For Bx12 SelectBusService, fare must be paid at the fare machines at the bus stop before boarding.

Lexington Av/53rd St E,V
Elevator at northeast corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Take passageway to elevator for platform.
Bus connections: M102 (SB), M103 (SB)

Lexington Av-63 St F
Elevator on north side of 63rd Street west of Lexington Avenue.
Bus connections: M102 (SB), M103 (SB)

Roosevelt Island F
Elevators at street level.
Bus connections: MTA Bus: Q102
Red Bus (operated by Roosevelt Island Operating Corp, 212-832-4540)

South Ferry 1
Elevator at southwest corner of State and Whitehall Streets.
Bus connections: M1 (weekdays only), M6, M9, M15, M15 Limited

Times Square-42 St N,R,Q,W,1,2,3,7 only, S is not accessible
Elevator at southeast corner of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street. Note: Passageway to A,C,E and Port Authority Bus Terminal is not ADA accessible.
Bus connections: M6 (SB), M7 (SB), M10 (SB), M20 (SB), M27 (WB), M42, M104

West 4 St A,B,C,D,E,F,V
Elevator at northeast corner of West 3rd Street and Sixth Avenue. Take elevator to mezzanine level; use northbound or southbound passageway for A,C,E platforms. Use elevators on A,C,E platforms to go to lower platforms and B,D,F,V service.
Bus connections: M5 (NB), M6 (NB)

World Trade Center - Chambers St E Elevator not in service due to long-term construction.  Elevator on Church Street between Vesey Street and Dey Street. Note: For access to platform and E train, customers who have ambulatory disabilities need to use Reduced-Fare MetroCard. Passageways to other services are not accessible.
Connections: M1 (NB), M6 (NB), PATH, NY Waterway Ferry


What to do with baby on the Upper East Side

For those new moms who are wondering what they could do with their little bubs during the day and not go stir crazy in-doors, here are my recommendations:

1) Take a long walk to Bloomingdales on 3rd Ave between 59th and 60th (then go to the women's lounge, take a load off, feed the babe) and browse around.  Just try not to buy something every single day :-)

2) Starbucks is your friend.  Stop at any dozen locations and grab your favorite latté.  Just don't take one to go unless you have a good stroller with shocks.  I made that mistake once while using the Snap N' Go and spilled coffee all over myself every time I hit a crack in the pavement. 

3) Walk to your local park.  There are quite a few to choose from.  Obviously, Central Park for those of you closer to 5th, but Charles Schultz is lovely and you can stroll along the East River on a sunny day, then stop and watch the little doggies in the dog run.  I also like the playground on 68th and 1st where moms and nannies gather on the benches

4) I hear the Barnes and Noble on 86th is "the spot" for many moms with little ones.

5) Stroll to Planet Kids for any number of necessities you need that day.


Blinking Light From Baby Monitor Wakes Up Baby

My latest dilemma is that my 4.5 month old still wakes up at least 4 times in the middle of the night.  I am thinking that her baby monitor, which is the Safety First High Def Digital Monitor is either waking her up when she's in light sleep, or just preventing her from falling back to sleep when she wakes up.  I suspect this because when I click on the monitor to see the video, she is often staring right at me. 

The Safety First Digital Monitor does have its perks - no one else can see your little one, the range is 650 feet, the picture is super crisp and all our wireless networks and cordless phones and cell phones don't interfere with the reception.  But, the battery life is atrocious and this blinking light is starting to piss me off. 

If any of you have babies who don't sleep through the night and have a video monitor that lights up the room, think of ways you can eliminate this problem.  I plan on sticking a piece of paper over the light and taping it to the monitor.