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Welcome to NYC Toy Stores where for your convenience, you will find listings and reviews of all the toy stores in New York City listed by neighborhood. 





Burlington Antique Toys - (212) 861-9708 - 1082 MADISON AVENUE (81ST & 82ND)

This is not your run of the mill toy store but a very cool shop that has incredible selections of toy soldiers...(view store  profile


Enchanted Toys - (212) 288-3383 - 1179 LEXINGTON AVENUE (80TH & 81ST)

Enchanted Toys is a truly unique toy store which features rare finds and many European toys and games simply not found elsewhere...(view store profile)  


Game Stop -  (212) 423-1844 - 132 E 86TH STREET (LEXINGTON & PARK)

Do you have a gamer on your hands?  At some point cute plush, little people and farmer's trucks get replaced by the latest video games and new DS, Playstation or Wii...(view store profile


Good Byes - (212) 794-2301- 230 E 78TH STREET (3RD & 2ND)

This jewel of a store is small but adorable and has precious toys and gifts with a focus on...(view store profile


Hom Boms - (212) 717-5300 - 1500 1ST AVENUE (78TH & 79TH)

Our personal favorite and nearest local toy store, Hom Boms has a large array of toys, games, puzzles, plush, sporting goods and seasonal finds for your growing family...(view store profile)  


Jan's Hobby Shop - (212) 861-5075 - 1435 LEXINGTON AVENUE  (93RD & 94TH)

A hobby shop for collectors of model planes and all the accessories if your little one likes construction...(view store profile


Mary Arnold Toys - (212) 744-8510 - 1010 LEXINGTON AVENUE (72ND & 73RD)

This long standing toy store has a great selection of developmental toys and wonderful service...(view store profile) 


New York Doll Hospital - (212) 838-7527 - 787 LEXINGTON AVENUE; 2ND FL (61st & 62nd)

Did your daughter just sever the head of her American Girl doll?  I remember when I was a little girl and waited all month for a doll from the Spiegal catalog only to decide her eyelashes needed a trim...(view store profile)  

Promises Fulfilled - (212) 472-1600 - 1592 2ND AVENUE (82ND & 83RD)

Promises Fulfilled is a small little store that really specializes in putting together themed party favors and gift backs and customizing unique gifts... (view store profile


State News Toys - (212) 831-8010 - 1243 3RD AVENUE (71ST & 72ND)

 This Upper East Side 3rd Avenue location is always packed and a bit on the pricey side...(view store profile)  


The Toy Zone at State News - (212) 831-8010 - 112 E 86TH STREET (LEX & PARK)

See above.  This 86th Street location offers much of the same supplies as the State News on 72nd Street, mainly toys, party supplies and knick knacks...(view store profile)



Tiny Doll House - (212) 744-3719 - 314 E 78TH STREET (2ND & 1ST)

Tiny Doll house offers a huge selection of, you guessed it Doll Houses from the most basic to the most intricate for the avid collector...(view store profile)    


Zittles - (212) 737-2040 - 969 MADISON AVENUE; 3RD FL (75th & 76th)

This is the Toy Section at Zitomer Pharmacy and has a really cute assortment...(view store profile











FAO Baby/Fao Schwarz - (212) 644-9400 - 767 FIFTH AVENUE


What can we say about one of the most well known toy stores in New York City and perhaps the U.S.?  The most amazing assortments and displays, and of course the giant sized floor keyboard to jump and play "Chopsticks" like in the 80s movie "Big" with Tom Hanks... (view store profile)   




American Girl Place - (877) 247-5223 - 609 FIFTH AVENUE (49TH STREET)


Everything a little girl could possibly want,  the NYC American Girl Place store, has taken care of all the basic needs: there is a little café that serves lunch and dinner fare and afternoon tea!  Afternoon tea is $20 per person which beats the St. Regis!  There is also a photo studio where your burdgeoning little model can pose for an issue of American Girl magazine with her face on the cover as a souvenire...(view store profile





Image Anime - (212) 631-0966 - 242 W 30th St (BTW 7TH AVE & 8TH AVE)


If your little one, or big one is into Japanese toys, Image Anime is the place to hit.  Don't be put off by its obscure location (not far from Penn Station and on a block that's not quite unsavory but typical of the 30s wholesaler scene).  Image Anime carries collectibles that range from imported Japanese robots to Pokémon puzzles...(view store profile




Build-a-Bear - (877) 789-2327 - 565 FIFTH AVENUE (46TH STREET)


This midtown workshop is a teddy bear mecca for little ones.  As soon as your babe is old enough to make a few choices, you can take them to create their very own custom stuffed animal.  Boys and Girls can select a starter bear from 30 different types.  Then decide if they want their bear to talk to sing, and how much stuffing goes inside...(view store profile





Just Kidding Around - 60 WEST 15TH STREET (NEAR 6TH AVENUE)

This independent and delightful toy store inspires your little one to be creative at play.  With puppets, science and chess games, dress up and unique activity toys, you don't have to worry about bouts of boredom...(view store profile



Toy Tokyo - 973-759-0200 - 91 SECOND AVENUE (BTW 5TH & 6TH STREET)

This long standing East Village staple is home to some very cool collectible figures and toys from Japan as well as unique local fare.  They also house a really funky designer plush collection...(view store profile)    


Boomerang Toys - (212) 226-7650‎ - 119 W Broadway ( DUANE & READE)

This toy store located in the financial district is useful for dads who want to grab a little gift for their little one on the way home from work.  Books, puzzles, Baby Einstein toys, Leapfrog learning systems, Lamaze developmental toys, wood blocks, balls, train sets, you name it and they've got it...(view store profile


Dinosaur Hill Toy Store - (212) 473-5850‎ - 306 East 9th Street

 Stepping into this little gem of a toy store is truly a unique journey with Tibetan puppets, artsy masks, unique wooden blocks mixed in between the standard fare of plush, books and your little one's favorite Sesame friends...(view store profile)