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Check out our feature articles for parents in-the-know at Little Babe Big City Features.  We highlight the most stylish dresses for a 1 year old, outrageously cool graffiti onesies, the Baby Food Diet, baby advice and much more.  

Welcome to our San Francisco Baby Guide, the hip savvy baby resource for Bay Area parents with reviews and listings of all San Francisco neighborhood baby stores, local pediatricians, reviews of baby stroller and kid friendly restaurants in the Bay Area and coming soon our Little Babe's Big Bad Choice Awards for the hippest San Francisco Baby Stores, Baby Classes and Services.



Looking for the cutest and coolest baby clothes for your soon to be bundle of joy, or toddler? Do you need to buy the most unique outfit for your fashionista friend's little baby?  We've got you covered with our reviews of San Francisco Baby Clothing Stores.  And then Check out our Neighborhood Guide to Baby Stores in all of San Francisco.  We break it down by hood' and category for you.  



We also have the most stylish and sophisticated Maternity Stores for San Francisco Moms who want to feel like their normal, sleek selves for as long as possible throughout their pregnancies without resorting to tents and granny panties. 



Whether it's wood blocks with Hebrew, Russian, French, or English lettering, Ugly Dolls, Elmo, handmade puppets, custom doll-houses, collector train sets, or just a bouncy ball, we review San Francisco's Best Toy Stores and break them down for you.   



Are you dreaming of toile and gingham for your nursery?  Or a totally modern sleek look with funky wall decals and lighting.  Either way, you can explore all of the Bay Area's coolest furniture stores to deck your baby's nursery, or alcove.  We review Baby Furniture Stores by Neighborhood




Think dining out is over now that you have a little one?  It's not always easy taking your infant or restless toddler to a nice restaurant.  But most urban parents love to dine out and eat well so we have done the research for you.  We review San Francisco Baby Stroller and Kid Friendly Restaurants by neighborhood so you can walk your stroller to the nearest most convenient place to eat and feel comfortable knowing no one will scowl disapprovingly at your tots.  



From infant classes, early child learning sessions, parenting groups, music classes, mommy and me events, swim lessons, to simply what to do with baby on a weekend we have scoured through the very best baby classes in San Francisco and broke them out by what's offered in your neighborhood in our Bay Area Guide to Infant and Kids Classes. 




Understandably, one of the most important decision a new parent makes, prior to baby's arrival is finding a trustworthy pediatrician.   We review the Top Pediatric Practices in San Francisco by neighborhood helping you make the most informed decision early on.




Looking for a nanny?  Many moms use word-of-mouth recommendations but we have pulled together some of the Best Nanny Placement Agencies in San Francisco.  And when your little one is ready for daycare, or if you are looking for an Infant Daycare Program in NYC we have a list of Every Licensed Daycare Facility in San Francisco for you to contact.  If you are thinking about getting a baby nurse, check out our Baby Nurse Guide for a personalized account of Do's and Dont's. 



The best source of information, recommendations, and advice on raising your baby or child in San Fran with other Bay Area Parents.  So feel free to use our Bay Area Message Boards to connect with other moms local to your neighborhood.   Maybe you will even make a new friend to add to your playgroup. 







San Francisco - Laurel Heights Baby and Kids Clothing and Gear Store - Right Start

Right Start - (415) 202-1901 - 3435 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94118 (LAUREL HEIGHTS)

Laurel Heights Baby Gear Store Right StartFor clothing essentials, onesie and sleeper blanket basics and then for everything else, San Francisco parents could rely on the Right Start to build baby's nursery and all the gear that comes with bringing a little one into the world.  With a knowledgable staff and a solid selection of the best strollers, car seats, high chairs, even baby bottles this Laurel Heights unique baby gear store is a must stop for soon to be parents and keeps them coming back for more.


San Francisco's Best Swimming Lessons and Programs for Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Kids 

With summer season in full bloom, many Bay Area parents might be considering getting their little ones ready for swimming, or at least overcome any fear of the water.  Below are the best swim programs in the San Francisco Bay Area catering to babies and children.

The Janet Pomeroy Center offers swim lessons for kids 6 months up through 12 years through swim programs in their super warm and cozy Herbst Pool, kept a balmy 90-93 degrees.  For infants, toddlers and preschoolers there is the Cuttlefish Swim Lesson program which is more focused on having fun in the water.  For ages 3-6, the Penguin Swim Program teaches real swim skills in a low pressure, fun environment.  Older kids could take the Sea Otter program which is limited to 6-8 children and is taught without parents in the water.  Sessions run approximately 8 weeks and range approximately $144 for 60 minutes or 45 minutes depending on age level.  207 Skyline Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94132 - (415) 665-4241

Swim Lessons in San Fran at Janet Pomoroy Center Herbst Pool

La Petite Baleen Swim School (933 Old Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94129 - (866) 896- 3603 offers classes once per week for 30 minutes all through the year.  Baby and Me is designed for swimmers age 2 months up to 18 months and will get your little infant adjusted to getting face and ears wet.  Toddler and Me classes are for 14 months - 36 months and once a fishie gets to be 3, they graduate to a regular swim class without a parent in the water.  There are even swimming lessons for children with special needs, which have a lower student/teacher ratio of 4:1 and require parents/caretakers in the pool.   

San Francisco Swimming Lessons for Babies and Kids Petit Baleen

The Embarcadero YMCA offers a wide array of swim classes allowing San Francisco parents a ton of options when finding the perfect swimming classes for infants, toddlers and children.  Below are the description of available classes offered at the YMCA.  30 minute lessons are $105 for Program Members and $80 for Facility Members.  40 minute classes are $115 for Program Members and $90 for Facility Members.

Bay Area Swim Lessons at YMCA

6 months – 5 years: Infant & Toddler Classes

Shrimp (6 mos. – 18 mos) Family Perch (18 mos. – 3 yrs) Family

Shrimp and Perch classes develop trust and safety between parents, children, and instructors. Parents are very active and receive help showing their child to be safer in and around water. Children and instructors work to develop a bond preparing them for classes alone. Ratio 1:12

3 years – 5 years: Pre-School Classes

Pike (3-5 Years) Beginner 30 Mins

Pike is designed for new swimmers. Children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water, and develop independent movement in the water. Children learn pool safety, kicking skills, bubble blowing, and the first steps in rhythmic breathing. Ratio 1:4

Eel (3-5 Years) Adv Beginner 30 Mins

This advanced beginner level is for children who are comfortable in the water and reinforces Pike skills. Children are taught arm movements and learn to integrate the kick and float for a progressive and independent paddle
stroke. Children can swim independently by the end of this level. Ratio 1:5

Ray (3-5 Years) Intermediate 30 Mins

position. Instruction emphasizes more advanced personal safety and rescue skills which includes treading water.
Children can swim 10 yards without assistance by the end of this level. Ratio 1:6

Starfish (3-5 Years) Advanced 30 Mins

The Ray level improves skills and endurance. Students swim on their front and back in a more streamlined
position. Instruction emphasizes more advanced personal safety and rescue skills which includes treading water.
Children can swim 10 yards without assistance by the end of this level. Ratio 1:6

6 years – 14 years: Youth Classes

Polliwog (6-14 Years) Beginner 30 Mins

Students are acquainted with the pool environment, safety, flotation devices, and basic stroke and kicking skills.
By the end of this level, students will learn front paddle stroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.
Ratio 1:6

Guppy (6-14 Years) Adv Beg 30 Mins

The Guppy level continues and builds on basic skills. Students learn to integrate the basic stroke and kick
movements into three basic strokes: front crawl (freestyle), breaststroke, and backstroke. Students can swim
independently by the end of this level. Ratio 1:6

Minnow (6-14 Years) Intermediate 30 Mins

Minnow introduces students to competitive swimming practices such as circle swimming and flip-turns. Students refine the basic stroke skills from previous classes and also learn sidestroke, butterfly, and advanced personal safety and rescue skills. Students are able to swim any basic stroke for 75 meters by the end of this level. Ratio 1:7

Fish (6-14 Years) Advanced 40 Mins

The Fish level emphasizes endurance swimming and techniques that focus on the competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and front crawl (freestyle) with turns. By the end of this level students are able to swim 200 meters continuously with a variety of strokes. Ratio 1:8

Flying Fish (6-14 Years) Junior Swim Team 40 Mins

The Flying Fish level provides a transition into our swim team. The class refines all four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle). The students will begin to have more structure training sessions that will prepare them for the swim team.

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