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Welcome to Seattle Baby and Children's Classes, a guide to early development classes, baby and infant music classes, baby movement, gym and dancing classes, art classes, parenting classes, Seattle parenting and baby groups and even baby and child friendly fitness classes for mom and dad.



Hop to Signaroo - Seattle Baby Sign Language Class - Swedish Medical Center 

Hop To Signaroo

Hearing families can use American Sign Language to communicate with hearing babies as young as 5 months old. Signing greatly reduces baby's frustration, promotes faster language development, stimulates intellectual growth and brain development,enhances motor skills and strengthens your parent-child bond. Four sessions. Fee: $128 plus required $19 materials fee payable at the first class. Class materials includes a Safety andComfort Roo-minder Ring, set of laminated reminder cards and a comprehensive class packet with resources, photos, descriptions and memory aids for 80 additional signs taught in class. Scholarships available - please call (206) 386-2502 before registering online. Enrollment is for one or both parents of the same baby, or one parent and a grandparent. Details at www.hoptosignaroo.com.  

Fee: $128.00 registers 2 peope ( Not included in Welcome Baby Package)



How to Properly Install a Car Seat - Seattle Parenting Class - Swedish Medical Center

Car Seat Safety and Installation 

Car safety seats can be confusing! Come to our car seat safety and installation class to learn how to keep your baby safe during travel.  Our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will teach you how to choose the right car seat for your baby, how to install it properly with either the seat belt or the newer LATCH system, and what is required by Washington's child restraint laws.  It's a very practical, hands-on class. You will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions, harness a baby doll into a car seat, and install a car seat onto our demonstration seat.  If you already have your car seat, you are welcome to bring it to class to practice on - but this is not required.  You can practice with our seats and you may prefer to wait until after class to choose a seat. Your instructor will have lots of suggestions about which features are important both for your child's safety and for your convenience.  Don't wait - learn how to keep your child safe from the first ride home!
2.5 hour class.

Included in Welcome Baby Package 
Fee:  $35/couple



Infant CPR Class - Seattle - Swedish Medical Center

Infant CPR and Safety 
Pediatricians agree that prevention of unintentional injuries is the key to keeping your baby safe. Before your baby arrives get prepared to keep him or her safe by learning how to prevent the most common unintentional injuries of infants and toddlers. You will earn about common safety hazards in and around the house, what's recommended for infant sleep safety and basic tips for preparing your pets, along with many other important topics.  You will also learn the proper procedures for assisting an infant, up to one year of age, who is choking or is unresponsive.

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Itsy Bitsy Yoga - Baby, Tot, Tyke & Kid’s Yoga - Family and Prenatal Yoga

From Blossoming Yogi's website:

"Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a fun and gentle developmentally-centered program for young children and their parents.  Itsy Bitsy Yoga® was developed by Helen Garabedian, Certified Yoga Teacher and Infant Developmental Movement Educator and Author of two best-selling books.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga® offers parents and caregivers three class options depending on their child's age and developmental stage. There are Itsy Bitsy Yoga® classes for babies, tots, and tykes. Collectively you can enjoy over 125 Itsy Bitsy Yoga® poses, rhymes and activities that provide developmentally nutritious interaction between parent and child.

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Labor Coping Skills - Birthing Class - Seattle - Swedish Medical Center

Coping With Confidence - Labor Coping Skills 
This class should be taken after your childbirth preparation class. This class gives you and your support person additional practice and learning time to become comfortable with important labor coping techniques.  A variety of labor coping skills are reviewed including relaxation, breathing patterns, attention-focusing, touch, visualization, position changes and rhythm and ritual.  This class is recommended for all expectant families.  It should be taken after you have completed your childbirth class. 2-hour class.

This class is included in the Welcome Baby package 
Fee:  $35/couple