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Welcome to Seattle Baby and Children's Classes, a guide to early development classes, baby and infant music classes, baby movement, gym and dancing classes, art classes, parenting classes, Seattle parenting and baby groups and even baby and child friendly fitness classes for mom and dad.



New Mom Support Groups - Seattle - Swedish Medical Center

other-Baby Group

Mother-Baby Group is an informal group that meets for eight 1 ½ hour sessions.  Participants are welcome to enroll in more than one series.  Mothers share questions, concerns and experiences with other new mothers and an experienced, licensed group facilitator.  A wide variety of topics are discussed including feeding and sleep issues, the emotional adjustment to parenthood, maintaining couples' relationships

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Newborn Care - Seattle Parenting Class - Swedish Medical Center

Newborn Care

This course provides important information regarding the care of your new baby including how to bathe, soothe, swaddle, diaper, dress and feed your baby.  Also included are newborn behaviors, newborn procedures, newborn appearance, growth and development, sleep safety and when to call your baby's health-care provider. This is an excellent class for all first-time parents and care-providers.  We recommend both parents attend this class. 3-hour class.

This class is included in the Welcome Baby package 
Fee:  $45/couple




Parent Child Baby Classes at North Kirkland Community Center

North Kirkland Community Center has a wonderful assortment of Baby Classes which are all Mommy and Me or Parent / Child or Caretaker / Child.  Below is a listing of various offerings available year round:

Musical Expressions for Babies - Ages 1 month to 15 months

A fun, creative class that integrates music with body movement, singing and dancing.  They explore different musical instruments such as as the guitar, violin, drums, multicultural rhythm instruments and much more. Fall courses are 5 weeks and 4 weeks and meet for 45 minutes every Saturday morning.  Cost is $33 for the week course and $27 for the 4 week course for residents of Kirkland.  Nonresidents pay a little extra. 

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Parenting 101 - Seattle Baby Care Class - Swedish Medical Center

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Learn parenting and relationship skills that will last a lifetime. Prepare yourself for life with your baby and discover how to be the best parenting team possible. This workshop, developed by renowned relationship experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, helps to prepare you for the most important and rewarding job you will ever have, raising a child. The Bringing Baby Home (BBH) workshop focuses on providing new parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope constructively with the birth of their child.  Through lecture, group discussion and activities the BBH workshop teaches couples how to strengthen their friendship, increase intimacy, regulate conflict and how to build a "relationship house".  Couples learn to co-parent with their partner to foster child development and to see the value of keeping dad involved.  You will learn skills to become sensitive and responsive parents in an effort to promote healthier children in the emotional, social, cognitive and physical realms.  The BBH workshop encourages early parent-infant dialogue and increases positive communication, ritual development and shared meaning for the whole family.  This workshop is designed for couples who are pregnant or have infants up to three years of age.  Babies up to 3 months old welcome. 2-day class. 14 hours total.

Fee:  $150/couple



Parenting Classes for Babies in Kirkland at Evergreen Hospital

One of the greatest resources for Kirkland, Washington parents is the Evergreen Hospital which not only ranks at the top for birthing hospitals but then follows through with parenting groups, a baby wellness boutique onsite and parenting and baby classes for parents and newborns in the area.

Classes currently offered include:

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