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Welcome to Seattle Nanny Services, a listing of popular nanny services in the Greater Seattle Area.  We have provided descriptions of each nanny agency's hiring process and philosophy and fee where the information is readily available.  We encourage parents who have used these nanny and childcare services to review their experience for other families information. 



Careworks - (206) 325-7510 - 813 E Gwinn Pl, Seattle, WA 98102

Nanny agency which will take your information and provide a selection of candidates to suit your needs.  Has been voted Seattle's best nanny service and has been serving Seattle and East side families for over 10 years.  Typically their caregivers earn anywhere between $12-$20 per hour depending on experience....(See Full Profile


A Nanny for U - (206) 525-1510 - 5339 Roosevelt Way NE Suite A   Seattle, WA 98105

With full time, Part-Time and Temporary nannies available, you are sure to find the ideal nanny for your little one this summer.  Whether you need a night sitter for a dinner date or a nanny during the weekdays you work, Nanny for U will discuss your needs with you and perform a search to find a suitable caretaker for your child.  The best part of their service is actually their Nanny Babysitter program where parents ...(See Full Profile)  _________________________________________________________________________________

Annies Nannies - (206) - 784-8462 - 2236 NW 58th St Suite 101 / Seattle, WA 98107

Winner of Seattle's Small Business Award in 2009, this leading nanny and household staffing agency truly spends the time getting to know its families to make sure all applicants presented will be a good fit.  President Suzanne Royer McCone delves right in and finds candidates in the nick of time.  You never have to worry that you will be without childcare, the temporary nanny pool which all members have access to are available on short notice to fill the gap until you find the full-time nanny you are looking for.  To begin a search and become a member...(See Full Profile_________________________________________________________________________________

The Seattle Nanny Network, Inc. - (425) 803-9511 - 218 Main Street, Kirkland, WA 98033

With a "free week's trial before hire" , The Seattle Nanny Network prides itself on placing the absolute right nanny with a family from the very start.  A thorough and detailed process is followed to ensure thar parents feel secure and confident with their child's caretaker.  Below are the steps The Seattle Nanny Network follows throughout the hiring process...(See Full Profile)


NannyBroker, Inc. - (425) 392-5681 - 25620 SE 157th, Issaquah, WA 98027-8279

From the Nanny Broker website:

Puget Sound parents in search of quality childcare need look no further than Judi Julin RN Nannybroker Inc. With over 24 years' experience in placing nannies, Judi has built a solid reputation based on compassion and concern for her clients. On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, she believes that "one reason for my success in this business is that I make myself accessible."

Nannybroker-3_small.jpgHaving placed over 1,600 nannies in full-time and part-time positions, Judi Julin RN Nannybroker Inc. prides itself on an exceptionally low replacement rate. Julin can find either permanent or temporary care to suit her clients' needs. Her temporary service places nannies both full-time and part-time for sick children, new babies, evenings, weekends, vacations or interim care. Nannybroker Inc. even has a backup service to replace a permanent nanny who is ill or on vacation.

Julin's screening process is very thorough and includes extensive background checks, childcare, personal and work reference requirements, and lengthy interviews with Julin herself. She believes that her nursing background, which dates back over 35 years, plays an important role in the interviewing process...(See Full Profile)